Take Esports Programs to the Next Level with Shoutcasting

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Take Esports Programs to the Next Level with Shoutcasting

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The esports market is exploding. Estimated monthly viewership of esports is up a robust 11.4% from 2020. That’s 26.6 million pairs of eyes. Fueling the rise of the industry are the many school-aged students who make up viewership. Statista estimates that the esports market will be worth $5.4 billion USD by 2027. But professional gaming isn’t the only sought-after position. Roles like esports marketing, esports writer and event coordinator are also in high demand. These roles serve as launching pads for other communication-driven careers. One important supporting role is shoutcasting. 


Shoutcasters provide entertaining commentary as action unfolds during live or virtual esports tournaments and matches. Similar to game commentators in other sports like football or hockey, shoutcasters can either serve as a host or commentator during an esports competitionSeth, S. (2020, December 25). Who is an eSports Shoutcaster? [Types, origin of the name, how to become one]. eSports Lane. https://esportslane.com/esports-commentator-shoutcaster/. As a host, shoutcasters present tournaments on stage, engage with in-person and remote audiences and take post-game interviews. As a commentator, shoutcasters provide commentary to virtual audiences from a remote location.

There are two different styles of shoutcasting: play-by-play and color commentary.  As a play-by-play caster, the shoutcaster describes what's happening as it occurs. This can be helpful to audiences learning the mechanics of esports and how it works. The color caster or color commentator, on the other hand, analyzes the game to make implications about players’ motives - situating the game within a greater context. They may also provide insight and background on players, games and broader esports league happenings.

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Shoutcasters are important to esports because they give voice to the game. They keep audiences informed and engaged in action What does an Esports Shoutcaster do? (2022, October 6). Dean College. https://www.dean.edu/news-events/dean-college-blog/story/what-does-esports-shoutcaster-do/. Shoutcasters set the scene and tone of the game to shape audiences’ experience. They  also do important work to make the game accessible to a wider audience, those unfamiliar with the game and viewers with unique needs, like people with visual impairments.

But, fun for all isn’t the greatest benefit. Shoutcasting can help students build confidence, develop social skills, and learn the value of collaboration and problem solving in real time. Wong, W. (2022, July 18). How Esports is helping students improve their grades and build leadership skills. Technology Solutions That Drive Education. https://edtechmagazine.com/k12/article/2022/07/how-esports-helping-students-improve-their-grades-and-build-leadership-skills The greatest takeaway is the transferable skills students develop that feed into a variety of journalism careers in multimedia. Students gain skills in public speaking, research and critical analysis, creativity, script writing, reporting, media production, promotional planning and more.

These skills provide an entry way into professions like news and entertainment reporting, public relations, marketing communication, digital media, sports media, news production, journalism, and more. 


The right microphone, headset, webcam, lights and recording software lets students take those esports skills to the next level. Not only are these tools a necessary part of shoutcasting, but the right tools can boost the educational advantages and provide students with media training skills with popular technology that prepares them for the industry.

The Blue Yeti microphone reigns as the top microphone for streamers and creators.Based on independent sales data (November '21 - October '22) of PC microphones in both units and dollars in the US and Canada. With 4 pickup patterns, the Blue Yeti is perfect for gaming and streaming. It delivers rich, full-bodied audio to create an immersive sound experience for audiences. For Shoutcasters who serve as commentators, headsets are equally important. Zone Learn packs the benefits of both. With audio drivers tuned for vocal clarity, a rigid boom mic, and a noise-suppression filter, students get the best of both. 

A good webcam can bring a shoutcasters personality to life. The Brio 500 webcam offers full HD 1080p resolution, auto light correction and framing, and AI-based face image correction that lets students show up in clarity and confidence. Take your shoutcasting stream to the next level with Litra Glow. Purposely designed for streaming with Logitech’s TrueSoft technology and innovative edgeless diffuse, Litra Glow brings a premium lighting experience to any desktop or laptop.

Today’s tech solutions add dynamic, exciting shoutcasting elements to esports programs, which can deepen students' involvement and teach them more skills. With powerful, user-friendly and long-lasting esports solutions, schools can create different pathways to support students’ career development.

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