You Break it You Buy it

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Buy, Break, Repeat? NO more

To end the cycle of breaking and buying, find edtech solutions built for end-users

Kids using a digital pencil with tablet

In an active learning environment, anything can happen — especially with technology. Schools need solutions that are designed and tested with the unpredictability of student life in mind. Without it, school leaders are stuck on a buy-break-replace cycle that eats up budget, energy, and time. According to a Logitech survey, schools replace up to 75% of learning solutions, like headsets, each year. The high replacement rate is just one example of the gap between the tools schools have and the edtech they need. Schools can break this cycle by not only buying what they need, but by also choosing durable solutions that are easy to repair and use well into the future.

Repair and Replace

Headset with replaceable parts

Wear and tear is inevitable. On average, 8-12% of tools, including computers, laptops, tablets, and Chromebooks, are damaged per year.3  The damaged devices can have a serious environmental impact. According to a Logitech survey, over 31% of school-purchased headsets end up in landfills annually.

Fortunately, “damaged” doesn’t necessarily mean “beyond repair.” That’s good for the environment and school budgets. While the potential budget impact of repairs is significant, it is generally less expensive than outright replacement. Schools can bring down repair costs and keep items out of landfills by choosing edtech with individual components that can be repaired or replaced.

Repairable and replaceable components come in all shapes and sizes. For example, the Logitech Zone Learn Wired Headset comes with replaceable earpads and cables, while the tip of the Logitech Crayon can be replaced to ensure students always have pixel precision as they write, draw, create, and learn.

Beyond an emphasis on repair-or-replace solutions, Logitech continues to make other investments that consider sustainability at every stage of design. More than 25% of Logitech solutions come in packaging designed for compact transportation and we have recycled tens of thousands of pounds of electrical devices, batteries, and packaging around the world.

Easy to Use

Technology that doesn’t fit into the classroom can pull teachers away from lessons for troubleshooting and tech support. No one has time for disruptions like that. Students and educators need easy-to-use solutions. When edtech is intuitive, it adds to the classroom experience, rather than takes away from it. 

Educators need solutions like Logitech Pen or Logitech Crayon that just work, without an extra step like pairing to a device, so learning can happen instantly and continuously. Similarly, the plug-and-play capabilities of the Logitech MK120 USB Keyboard and Mouse Combo create hassle-free setups to keep students and teachers focused on what matters.


Durable spill-proof keyboard

Technology is a large part of the school experience, with 96% of students saying it makes lessons more interesting and enjoyable.1 Another big part of the school year are the spills, drops, and rough use that are daily realities for students. Every day there’s the risk that a juice box might spill in a backpack, soaking every device inside or that a backpack might fall off a desk or wall hook.

Schools need student-ready solutions that are:

For extra protection, Logitech offers an extended warranty and dedicated customer support on most education solutions. 


Solutions that Meet the Demands of Learning

The importance of edtech in supporting teaching and learning can’t be underestimated. Among educators, 59% say technology improves the quality of teaching they are able to deliver.1 When solutions are built with intention and a deep understanding of the demands of the learning experience, they minimize interruptions and allow educators to realize the full benefit of technology. That’s why educators trust Logitech solutions, designed and tested to withstand the typical school day — every day.

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