4 Classroom Setups for STEM Success

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4 Classroom Setups for STEM Success

Boosting student engagement and learning in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) is all about equipping educators and students with the right technology. The proper technology setup can unlock a new world of possibilities in the classroom, enabling creativity, interaction, and hands-on learning. Check out how the ideal tech setup transforms learning in different STEM courses.


Giving educators and students the tools they need for interactive and immersive activities is just one way to use technology to enrich learning.

Set up experiments indoors or outdoors and record them using iPads protected by Logitech Rugged Combo cases. Students can watch and re-watch recordings at their convenience, make on-screen notes with a Logitech Crayon, and easily document their scientific observations with pluck-proof keys.

No matter where students are learning, providing headsets tuned for voice clarity, like Logitech Zone Learn, can help them focus on the content. The sound quality is so good that in a Logitech study, 77% of students said it was easier to focus with Logitech Zone Learn than with previous headsets or earphones they were using.


The ultimate tools for computer programmers, software developers, and coders of all ages are high-quality keyboards and mice. The Logitech MK270 Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo gives students a professional-level experience whether they are learning to code or interacting with AI. As students learn, it’s important they stay physically comfortable, especially because according to research, 60% of children 10-17 years old report discomfort during laptop use without companion tools.Harris, C., Straker, L. (2000). Survey of physical ergonomics issues associated with school childrens’ use of laptop computers, International Journal of Industrial Ergonomics, Volume 26, Issue 3. https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/abs/pii/S0169814100000093 A Logitech keyboard and mouse combo keeps students comfortable, giving them confidence as they build technology skills.


The ideal technology setup works for different learning styles and locations. Create inclusive learning environments that bring young engineers closer to the action and help them add their voices to the mix.

All-in-one video conferencing systems like the Logitech Rally Bar transport virtual students and special guests into the classroom for interactive activities. Students can connect with engineers from around the world to see how they use 3D printing to find solutions for real-life challenges. For close-up views of diagrams and equations, a whiteboard camera like Logitech Scribe ensures everyone can see what is written, whether they are learning remotely or from the back of the classroom. It can even capture scribbles on a sticky note.

Educators also have countless options for teaching the creativity and collaboration that’s foundational to engineering. Students can use a stylus like Logitech Crayon or Logitech Pen with an app like Kami to annotate a shared PDF, ask questions about key concepts, provide answers, and help each other learn. With auto-pairing functionality, teachers and students can seamlessly share ideas and interact across devices.


With the right tools, math learning doesn’t need to be confined to the classroom. Educators can encourage movement with interactive games like escape rooms based on math problems. Using an app like Magma Math, students can clearly illustrate their thought process in solving equations with a stylus like the Logitech Crayon or Logitech Pen. Plus, a Logitech Rugged Combo can keep the front, back, and corners of devices protected as students move around the classroom, school, or playground to complete the exercise.

STEM subjects can teach students critical skills like problem-solving and data analysis as well as open new career paths for them. Schools that invest in a diverse suite of edtech help make these opportunities possible by enhancing whole classroom creativity, collaboration, focus, and fun and setting up students — and teachers — for STEM success.

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