Supercharged Summer for IT

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Supercharged Summer for IT

While K-12 students are away, busy IT teams get a big boost from time-saving edtech built for schools

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Summer may be a quiet time for students, but for school IT staff, it might be the busiest season. With increased technology in schools, IT teams not only respond to issues during the year but also do a lot in advance to set up classrooms for success. From deploying wireless access points to making cable runs and installing cameras, schools’ technology experts complete summertime projects to minimize the madness when students return from break.

With so much to do in such a short time, edtech that's designed for easy implementation can ease the burden on IT staff. The right tools don’t just move students forward in their learning journey — they also support the people supporting the students. Here are three ways that well-made solutions can assist IT teams over the summer:

Inventory Management

Solutions designed for inventory management keep everything organized during the busy school year, which makes it easier to reorganize in preparation for the next. A feature as simple as being stackable, like the Logitech Rugged Combo Keyboard Case for iPad®, can streamline inventory projects by being able to see how many units are in storage without rummaging through heaps of edtech.

If the solution itself isn’t shaped right for stacking, smart packaging can help. The Logitech Zone Learn Wired Headset comes with individual storage bags with space to write each student’s name for easy tracking. Also, the Logitech Pen USI Stylus for ChromebookTM comes in a convenient education-specific 10-pack with serial numbers included on each package. Inventory-friendly features make it easy to decide where to concentrate summer efforts and what purchases a school might need to make for the upcoming year.

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Equipping Classrooms

When it’s time to outfit classrooms for the first day of school, nobody wants to deal with a complicated installation kit or a giant tangle of cords, devices, and adapters. What’s the alternative? Tools designed for broad compatibility and clean installation. These can reduce the number of trips IT staff make to the storage room to gather components and the amount of time it takes to set classrooms up. The Logitech Rally Bar Video Conferencing System is compatible with all major platforms and can run video conferencing applications directly on the device — no computer or laptop required. It’s also quick to set up and easy to manage. Logitech Scribe Whiteboard Camera is a standout here too, with cable retention features and options to route cables up, down, or through the wall. The result? Clean, confident installs in any classroom.

Equipping Students and Educators

Ensuring the classroom is set up for success includes anticipating educators’ and students' questions. It’s no small task to provide hundreds of users with the knowledge they need to optimize learning. User-friendly design can ease the burden on IT staff by reducing the time it takes to learn solutions. Fewer IT hours will be spent teaching users how to share content with Logitech Scribe, for example, since it's designed to work at the touch of a button. IT departments also save prep time in the summer with solutions that students and educators can plug in or turn on and use right away. Many Logitech tools have no-pairing functionality, such as Logitech Pen, the Logitech M325 Wireless Mouse, and Logitech Wired Keyboard for iPad.

The summer challenges K-12 IT staff face require innovative product design and deep understanding of school needs. From organizing inventory to enabling easier installations, the right edtech contributes in many ways to a productive prep season. That in turn leads to a great school year. With solutions designed for learning and built for schools, K-12 tech experts can make their summers less hectic and see classrooms humming right along on the first day back. 

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