Engaging Edtech Strategies for Summertime Learning

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Engaging Edtech Strategies for Summertime Learning

 Five ideas for educators to create great summer school programs

Students using a digital pencil with iPad

Research shows summer school is an effective way to close achievement gaps and help students understand key concepts. When students are in a summer school program, technology can play a big role in making learning mobile, dynamic, and immersive. Here are five summer-specific tips educators can use to encourage students to retain what they covered in the last school year and get a jump on next year.

1. Think Outside

Summer is the perfect occasion to try activities outside the classroom, to take advantage of the nice weather and the benefits that movement has for learning. For example, educators can have students use their iPad and Logitech Rugged Combo Keyboard Case paired with the Kami app and the Logitech Crayon Digital Pencil to create an annotated photo journal that identifies plants they see on a nature walk. Rugged Combo’s durable exterior keeps tablets safe, while Crayon’s pixel-precise technology enables a seamless writing experience no matter where students are.

2. Get Crafty

Since summer school classes are often smaller than regular classes, there’s more opportunity for one-on-one instruction, which has been shown to benefit students significantly.(2023). Logitech 4-Week Performance Study of K-6 Students with Zone Learn and Epic That opens the door for detailed, hands-on activities that might require step-by-step input from educators. Try an art project on a tablet with Logitech Pen USI Stylus for ChromebookTM or Logitech Crayon. The palm-rejection technology and dynamic line widths allow students to express their creativity comfortably and easily. 


Students using a digital pen with tablet

3. Make New Friends

Want to promote language skills and connections between students over the summer break? A remote pen pal activity checks all the boxes. Students can use the Logitech MK270 Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo to write weekly letters to their pen pal. With a spill-resistant keyboard, durable keys and a mouse with a 12-month mouse battery life, this sturdy set holds up to active use while students are building literacy skills and forming strong relationships with classmates over the break months.

4. Go Viral

Summer school programs can be a great way to harness students’ love of social media. Encourage students to sharpen their creativity, communication, and digital skills by creating podcasts or mini-vlogs. They can even take on the job of educating their fellow students with how-to videos, experiments, and presentations. Logitech Blue Yeti USB Microphone has four pickup patterns students can use to dial in the perfect sound, while the Logitech C270 HD Webcam features automatic light correction to enhance their next video with lifelike images.

Students creating a vlog with Logitech streaming equipment

5. Start a New Chapter

Combining the Logitech Zone Learn Wired Headset with Rugged Combo and iPad, along with the Epic digital reading platform, keeps students excited about reading. They can select their favorites from a wide variety of topics on the platform for personalized, engaged learning all summer long. Zone Learn’s voice-optimized audio drivers and tailored fit ensure listeners can absorb the audio they need without being distracted by their headset. In a 2023 study, students who used Zone Learn with Epic were completing lessons on the platform at a 40% higher rate after just four weeks (vs. regular earbuds)https://evidenceforlearning.org.au/education-evidence/teaching-learning-toolkit/one-to-one-tuition If school policy allows, encouraging students to take their tablets home turns their solution into an instant mobile library.


Educators know how important it is to keep students engaged in learning year-round. When students can move, create, connect, and pursue their interests with comfort and ease, the learning possibilities are endless. User-centered edtech is a great addition to any summer school program, not only for the capabilities it offers students but also for the support it gives educators striving to make their programs fun, immersive, and impactful.

To learn more about Logitech's suite of education solutions, go to www.logitech.com/education.


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