Elevate Your Well-Being And Boost Your Productivity

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To feel better and do better, you need tools tailored to your own way of working. With the Logi Options+ App, discover how to elevate your well-being and boost your productivity with simple shortcuts and Smart Actions at your fingertips.

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TIP #1 

Work your own way: Customize your mouse and keyboard to your needs

With the Logi Options+ App, you can choose what the keys or mouse buttons do for you. Whether it’s opening a browser window with the press of a button, or using your favorite emoji with a tap. It’s up to you.

TIP #2 

Stay zen during meetings: Less stress, more control in a click

The Logi Options+ App allows you to customize shortcuts for your most-used applications, such as Zoom or Teams. With one tap you can turn your webcam video on/off or mute/unmute your mic during meetings. When you switch from one app to another, you can use the same buttons or keys for different needs -  copy/paste in Microsoft Word or forward/back in Google Chrome.

TIP #3 

Ready to unwind?

Take a quick break or wrap up your workday effortlessly using Smart Actions. With a single click or keystroke, you can enjoy some  ‘Relax Time’ or even create your own Smart Action to close all your open apps, and shut down your computer at the end of your workday.

TIP #4 

Keep your workday flowing

Are you someone who juggles between working on Windows and macOS simultaneously? Do you find yourself constantly needing to transfer files from one system to another? With Flow, you can seamlessly work between two computers - even across  Windows and macOS. Simply move the cursor of your Lift mouse to the edge of the screen, to flow across computers. Easily transfer text, images, and files between computers. Curious to see how?

TIP #5 

Find the navigation that’s just right for you

Enjoy a smooth navigation experience with your mouse by setting its pointer speed, scrolling speed, or scrolling direction. You can enable Smooth Scrolling for web pages to glide across the screen, making it easy to read and navigate. By minimizing fingers and hand movements, Logi Options+ helps you work comfortably and productively.

Ergo keyboard & mouse combo displayed on a desk

Unleash the capabilities of your ergo products with Logi Options+ App to create a more enjoyable, and productive workflow. Work in comfort for hours and feel better after a long day at the desk. Because when you feel better, you do better - at work and beyond.

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