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For optimal focus and best communication, Electronic Arts Benelux works with the Logitech Zone Wireless headsets


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Electronic Arts Inc. (EA) is a world leader in digital interactive entertainment. EA develops and publishes games, content and online services for consoles, mobile devices and PCs. Well-known game franchises of EA are premium brands such as The Sims ™, EA SPORTS ™ FIFA, Battlefield ™, Need for Speed ™, Dragon Age ™. and Plants vs. Zombies ™.

The Benelux office located near Amsterdam oversees the game distribution and retail relations. The office has a small team that works in an open-plan layout, using Logitech Zone Wireless, along with both Zoom and Microsoft Teams to communicate with partners and international colleagues.

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As with any company, good communication is crucial and things are no different at EA. In today's working culture, quality audio and video are essential, especially in an international company where colleagues do not always work at the same location or in the same country.

The office of EA's Benelux department is located near Amsterdam. Employees are spread over 2 office spaces. In the open office colleagues sometimes disturb each other; one speaks too loud on the phone meaning others can't concentrate, another is distracted by colleagues chatting in the background during a call. Employees can of course retreat to a small team space (also known as a huddle room), but then they do not have the luxury of their own PC plus two screens, which they do often need during their calls.

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To resolve this issue, EA chose Logitech Zone Wireless, a headset specifically designed for open-plan workspaces, making it the perfect fit for the Belenux office layout. The Zone Wireless features a noise-cancelling microphone, meaning nearby colleagues, children, pets or other ambient noises unable to be heard in a conversation, eliminating background noise being picked up by the microphone. The headset also features Active Noise-Cancelling (ANC) audio, which shuts out ambient noise in the office or at home, and allows users to fully focus and hear only what's being said on the call. Thanks to both features, employees in open offices can hear and be heard clearly during their virtual meetings.

This makes for a more efficient and productive working day. The user-friendly headset can also be paired with a PC and a smartphone via a Bluethooth dongle, allowing seamless switching between the two devices. By flipping the microphone up or down, employees can quickly mute audio for seamless calls, so they always come across in a professional and customer-friendly way providing an extremely user-friendly experience.

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With the Zone Wireless, employees of Electronic Arts Benelux can carry out their daily activities undisturbed, fully focused, and without disturbing their colleagues. Logitech Zone Wireless can be paired with PC and smartphone simultaneously, aligning perfectly with EA's needs.

EA employees also like to use the Logitech Zone Wireless to shut out the world and focus on their work. The headset offers great audio quality and is perfect for listening to music. Thanks to the ANC, EA employees can close themselves off from their surroundings and focus 100%.

The Zone Wireless is not only made for working in open-plan offices, Electronic Arts employees also like to use the headset in their home offices. The Zone Wireless ensures every employee is heard clearly and makes a professional impression by filtering out partners, kids, or – in Jeroen's case – cats.


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