Case Study: Revera Living Empowers Hybrid Work with Logitech

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Revera Retirement Living

Senior living industry leader, Revera, owns or operates more than 480 properties across North America and the United Kingdom. With more than 43,000 employees committed to improving the future of senior living, Revera serves more than 45,000 people.




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Revera offers retirement homes, assisted living, and senior living services across Canada. The company aims to support their residents with choice and personalized experiences in living their lives the way they choose by upholding a set of core values that set the standard for excellence in the industry. 

With operations in multiple provinces throughout Canada, Logitech’s suite of team and personal workspace devices have become critical tools for Revera to connect their remote people, places, and pursuits, wherever they are located.

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Revera is a people-serving-people business, and they needed a better hybrid work solution to connect people working across the company’s many locations, including clinicians who provide critical oversight for senior residents. 

As some Revera support office employees spend hours a day on video calls, equipping them with tools that improve productivity, collaboration, and team engagement is crucial to providing an optimal hybrid work experience. Also, the company was looking for new ways to integrate video collaboration to enhance the quality of care.

Joe Belinsky, Chief Information Officer, says, “The common thread is that they have the tools they need and it matters less where they are.”

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Revera selected Logitech products Rally Bar, Brio, MX Keys Combo, and Logi Dock to enable a more collaborative and consistent hybrid work experience. 

Rally Bar is an all-in-one video bar for medium to large rooms that combines a dual-camera system, microphone, and speaker into one device. It’s simple to deploy, manage, and use, and has allowed Revera employees working in various remote locations to come together in virtual meetings and collaborate.

“We had our staff try it out and asked what it’s like to use. And the feedback was really good,” says Steve Harvey, Director of IT. “We printed QR codes that took them to a website that says, ‘This is how you use the technology.’ We tracked the usage on those, and we found that we got maybe 10 to 15 hits per room. And then the adoption was quick and intuitive.”

Revera staff were also impressed by the smooth scrolling and performance of Logitech’s MX keyboard and mouse combo for business. “There’s a nice feel of quality – there’s a heaviness about them. People really warmed to that,” says Steve Harvey. “Also, the battery life seems to last forever.”

For personal workspaces like desks, Revera deployed Logitech Brio and Logi Dock. Brio is an advanced 4K HD webcam that’s packed with innovative tech to help employees look and sound their best on camera. Logi Dock is an all-in-one docking station with meeting controls and speakerphone that integrates with Microsoft Teams to support one-touch join, making it easier to coordinate back-to-back calls. Plus, Logi Dock helps simplify the personal workspace and reduce desktop clutter by connecting devices, cords and cables in one unit.

“When we came out of the pandemic, we adopted a hybrid work environment. So every workstation needs to be equipped and usable by all employees,” adds Joe Belinsky. “With Logi Dock, all the tools they need to work – like mice, keyboards, and webcams – are right there ready to use.

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Logitech video collaboration solutions have improved collaboration, boosted team engagement, and leveled the playing field for hybrid Support Office workers, while also helping to attract a broader variety of people to employ and retain throughout the organization. 

The company believes that providing access to video collaboration tools that enhance the quality of hybrid work is essential to their success.

“Providing tools that help people collaborate is really important for us because it’s the kind of respect we want to show employees,” says Mark Spencer, Chief People Officer. “It’s the kind of culture we want to create, and technology helps us do that.”

The capabilities and performance of Logitech solutions have allowed Revera to foster stronger connections with remote employees and provide clinical oversight through virtual meetings. Additionally, video conferencing cameras like Rally Bar and Brio have allowed Revera to integrate virtual technology with medical technology to lay the groundwork for the future of telehealth.

“Having a virtual physician visit with the technology to check somebody’s heart rate, check someone’s blood pressure, I think that’s where it’s headed. It’s already started to go that way now,” says Dr. Rhonda Collins, Chief Medical Officer.

For Revera, investing in Logitech video collaboration solutions has allowed the company to be more productive and more collaborative than ever. And, they can focus more time on their key mission: continually improving and expanding the ways in which they empower residents to experience more living.


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