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TX County Maintains Human Connections in Hybrid Workforce
with Logitech Rooms Solutions for Microsoft Teams®


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Williamson County, Texas


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With Logitech Room Solutions for Microsoft Teams, Williamson County enables employees to easily connect with each other, whether they are working from home, at the office, or across town at another agency.

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As it transitioned to a permanent hybrid work model following the COVID pandemic, Williamson County wanted to ensure that it wasn’t sacrificing the innovation and speed of decision-making that occurs with in-person, impromptu discussions. This meant encouraging deliberate communication to maintain a culture of inclusion.

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Logitech Room Solutions for Microsoft Teams helped Williamson County optimize their Teams deployment for ease of use and maintaining connections between employees. The ability to easily point the camera and zoom in on whoever is speaking helps to foster relationships and ensure everyone feels included, even when they’re remote.


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Employees can work where they’re most comfortable and productive—whether that be in the office or at home—without sacrificing the culture or human connections that make Williamson County a great place to work. On any given day, conference rooms are booked for video meetings between 4 or 5 people working in the office and another dozen working remotely.

County employees are also taking advantage of the time and cost savings of video for meetings that require cross-agency collaboration.


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