Ebook: Enhancing Employee Experience with Logitech AI Features

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The Futurum Group

Although AI is the hottest topic in technology, some tech companies like Logitech have embraced AI to enhance their products for years.

Keith Kirkpatrick, research director at The Futurum Group, writes that Logitech leverages AI-powered features within its products and devices “to help users improve the technical quality of interaction and the user experience.”

In this ebook, The Futurum Group focuses on the impact of AI on meetings and the employee experience. According to Microsoft’s 2023 Work Trend Index, inefficient meetings are the #1 obstacle to productivity. It’s a problem that Logitech is solving through AI-based innovations such as RightSight 2 and RightSound 2.

  • RightSight 2 includes AI-based functionalities like Speaker View, Group View, and Grid View for improved participant equity.

  • RightSound 2 offers AI-based noise suppression, voice equalization, and echo suppression for enhanced in-room participant voice clarity.

Gain deeper insights into how AI-driven solutions from Logitech are evolving the meeting experience for all employees.



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