Equipping Employees for Hybrid Work: What the Research Says

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Hybrid work is video-first and collaboration-centric. It requires new tools for employees to communicate without unnecessary challenges or inefficiencies. But many employees continue to approach their workday with the office devices they brought home with them when the work-from-home transition first began.

Fast-forward: this is now resulting in a number of communication and collaboration issues as people permanently adjust to a new way of working. But either employers are unaware of the challenges their employees face, or they assume that employees would simply speak up in order to get the tools they need. 

The data shows otherwise: hybrid workers are both underequipped and underreporting the issues they struggle with in a transformed world of work. Read this report summarizing what we learned from hybrid workers to inform your strategy for equipping the hybrid workforce.


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Download Report: Equipping Your Employees for Hybrid Work


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