Circle View Doorbell Installation - Hire a Pro

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Save time setting up your newly purchased Circle View Doorbell. Contact one of the installation providers below for a fast, seamless, and hassle-free installation. Start by selecting your country—and we’ll match you with an expert service provider in your region.

If you don’t see your country below, please check back later as we’re continuously expanding our list of installation service providers.

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  • Powering on and pairing your Logitech Circle View Doorbell with the Apple Home app

  • Checking Wi-Fi strength at the location of doorbell installation

  • Determining correct mount for best viewing angle

  • Removing and inspecting your current doorbell and electrical system to confirm compatibility

  • Installing Circle View Doorbell in location of existing doorbell (does not include relocating doorbell)

  • Installing Chime Kit to your existing indoor chime

  • Testing installed Circle View Doorbell to confirm that the setup iOS or iPadOS device receives a ring notification and your indoor chime can ring

  • Confirming the ability to live stream in the Home app via your home’s Wi-Fi network


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