Ebook: 4 Ways Video Conferencing Benefits Small Businesses

In today’s world, staying connected is more important than ever. Small businesses depend on their employees’ ability to collaborate with each other, wherever they are, whatever the circumstances.

Video conferencing has quickly become a critical technology for small business because it:

  1. Connects your workforce
  2. Saves you money
  3. Allows you to do more with less
  4. Maximizes communication

In this ebook you’ll learn about some of the factors driving adoption of video conferencing:

  • In the future, 25% to 30% of employees will work remotely multiple days/week
  • Companies save $11,000 per person when employees spend half their time working from home
  • Remote employees are more engaged, working an average of 4 more hours per week
  • Video enables strong social connections, which make people happier and healthier