Article: 4 Benefits of an Ergonomic Workplace for Employers

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Did you know that the average return on investment (ROI) for employee wellness programs is six-to-one? Also, 72% of employers had fewer healthcare costs after enforcing a wellness program. One health and productivity system you can introduce for your staff members is office ergonomics.

Workplace ergonomics involves creating a work environment and using systems that meet employees’ needs. Ergonomics in the workplace has several benefits, from increased productivity to cost reduction. Below are four benefits of an ergonomic workplace for employers.

Cost Reduction

Businesses want to make a profit, and yours is no different. As such, just like other employers, you want to cut costs, not increase your expenses. Also, having more costs affect your profit, and depending on the amount you lose, you could find yourself closing your doors. 

Therefore, you must not hesitate to solve ergonomic problems in the workplace. It is cheaper to invest in ergonomics than to spend money paying hospital bills and compensating employees for work-related injuries. For example, carpal tunnel syndrome costs companies an estimated €50,774 in direct and indirect costs per person. 

This is far more expensive than an ergonomic solution. For instance, if your employees work with computers daily, you can reduce the risk of carpal tunnel syndrome by getting them an Ergo mouse. The Vertical Ergonomic Mouse costs less than €80. With it, your employees will have reduced muscle strain, decreased wrist pressure, and improved posture.

Increased Productivity

Did you know that a lack of productivity costs companies over €900 billion yearly? 

The number is staggering; if you fail to invest in ergonomics, you will become a part of the statistics. Admittedly, several factors contribute to reduced productivity. However, injuries caused by lousy workplace ergonomics are one of the leading contributors. 

By investing in office ergonomics, you improve the welfare and safety of your staff members, which in turn increases productivity. Improved workplace ergonomics also means that your staff will perform more efficiently. This is because:

  • Employees will have better postures 

  • There will be less exertion and muscle strain 

  • Employees will engage less in repetitive motions 

  • There will be improved reaches and heights 

  • There will be less need for high-force tasks

Improved Quality of Work

People working in office workspace

Your employees will likely produce poor-quality work if they are unwell or do not operate in the right environment. It will cost you if you ignore this and fail to invest in workplace ergonomics. A 2020 report disclosed that some companies’ cost of poor quality (COPQ) work is as high as 15% to 20% of their sales revenue. 

There are cases where COPQ costs up to 40% of total operations. Investing in office ergonomics helps you avoid the cost of poor-quality work. Making your employees more comfortable and the workplace hazard-free helps them focus better on their jobs. 

Aside from fewer distractions, your staff will be less fatigued and frustrated. However, if they strain a lot to get work done, they might be tempted to cut corners so they can finish faster. So, why not create an ergonomic workplace?

Increased Employee Engagement

Creating an ergonomic work environment helps improve employee engagement. The more engaged your staff are, the more aligned they are with your company goals and mission. It also means they will interact with customers better and happily represent the company. 

However, this is less likely to happen if you fail to provide an ergonomic work environment. Your staff will feel unvalued and will not contribute to the business’s growth. There will also be high absenteeism records. 

Stats show that disengaged employees have 37% higher absenteeism, 18% lower productivity, and 15% lower profitability. Therefore, it is a no-brainer that it is more beneficial to invest in ergonomics. Logitech offers excellent and affordable team workplace solutions to help create an ergonomic environment and boost employee engagement.

Ergonomics at Home and the Office

Woman enjoying ergonomic workspace

The benefits of an ergonomic workplace extend beyond the office. If you operate a hybrid workplace, you must ensure that your employees’ home workstations are ergonomic. Conduct workplace ergonomics training for them and provide ergonomic work tools to improve their working condition. 

In addition, share home ergonomic workplace tips with them. For example, you can encourage them to create legroom under their desk and avoid lifting heavy objects. 

Using chairs that enhance their posture and keeping their screen at eye level are also good tips. By promoting an ergonomic workspace, you reap the long-term benefits of ergonomics in the workplace mentioned above and vice-versa.

Improve Employees’ Work Conditions With Office Ergonomics!

Employers who want to improve their staff members’ welfare, reduce injuries, and increase productivity should invest in workplace ergonomics. Logitech offers different ergonomic equipment and solutions. Together, we can create the perfect work environment for your employees. Learn more about our services and products here.


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