Drivers for Microsoft Teams and Best Practices to Promote User Adoption

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IT leaders have a relatively common list of benefits related to a fully unified communications platform – reduced complexity, cost savings, improved data security, enhanced end-user experience, and increased organizational. This ebook probes deeper, leveraging data from Wainhouse surveys, market insights, and a fresh set of interviews with experienced IT Leaders – those with experience deploying Microsoft Teams as a unified collaboration solution across desktops, mobile devices, and meeting spaces.


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Next Level Financial Benefits

The “UC Value Prop” has remained relatively unchanged over the year: save money, save time, deliver a consistent experience.

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The New Teams Experience

Microsoft is pumping out Teams updates regularly including several meeting-focused feature enhancements.

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Meeting Benefits Beyond the Expected

The benefits of  Microsoft Teams go beyond the usual set of table-stakes we’ve grown accustomed to hearing.

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Implementation Best Practices

As with drivers and benefits, the keys to succeeding with any UC implementation have remained relatively static over time.


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Partnering with Logitech and Microsoft has modernized Siemens sustainability initiatives and primary corporate values: responsible, excellent and innovative.
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