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Case with integrated Bluetooth keyboard
for iPad Air 2


Case with integrated Bluetooth keyboard
for iPad Air 2

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Key Features

Looks like an iPad, feels like a laptop

Let’s turn your iPad into a laptop. Comfortably-spaced keys. The ideal, concave, key shape. A familiar layout you won’t have to “re-learn.” And a dedicated row of speedy iOS shortcuts.

Designed for typing and tapping

The keys have plenty of room, yet the screen is still right at your fingertips for fluid interaction. iPad doesn’t bounce or tip over when you tap. It’s just one idea after another.

Smart power management

A mobile, Bluetooth® keyboard should have enough power to last, and smarts to conserve. We like that idea.

Two cases in one

It’s a keyboard case when you need to type and not when you don’t

Lightweight, but serious about protection

The idea of incredibly thin and light also means protection against bumps, scratches and spills. Convenient, huh

  • Dimensions

      for iPad Air 2

      • Height: 183.7 mm (7.23 in)
      • Width: 259.9 mm (10.23 in)
      • Depth: 17.1 mm (0.67 in)
      • Weight: 430 g (15.2 oz)

      for iPad Air

      • Height: 183.4 mm (7.2 in)
      • Width: 255.9 mm (10.1 in)
      • Depth: 18.1 mm (0.71 in)
      • Weight: 405 g (14.29 oz)

    System Requirements

      iPad Air 2, iPad Air

  • Package Contents

    for iPad Air 2:
    - Keyboard Case
    - USB Cable
    - Documentation

    for iPad Air:
    - Type+ Case
    - Documentation

    Warranty Information

    2-Year Limited Hardware Warranty

    Part Number

    for iPad Air

    Carbon Black,Suisse / Schweizer (Qwertz): PN: 920-006543

    for iPad Air 2

    Black,Suisse / Schweizer (Qwertz): PN: 920-006584

    Black,Dansk/ Norsk/ Svenska/ Suomalainen: PN: 920-006588

    Black,Deutsch (Qwertz): PN: 920-006579

    Black,Español (Qwerty): PN: 920-006587

    Black,Français (Azerty): PN: 920-006581

    Black,UK English (Qwerty): PN: 920-006591