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  • Emma Jones

    Founder, Enterprise Nation

    From entrepreneur to inspiring the next generation of start-ups at Enterprise Nation, Emma Jones knows what it takes to pitch a great idea. She believes presenting with purpose and passion is the best way to capture people’s imagination and win their respect. Learn how to prepare and deliver powerful presentations that will bring your ideas to life…

    “It’s not enough to come up with great idea…you need other people to get excited by it too.”

  • Jim Stolze

    Author, TEDx Speaker, Entrepreneur

    From author to TEDx speaker to entrepreneur, Jim Stolze has gained a wealth of experience. He has shared the stage with leaders in industry including Tim Cook (Apple), Eric Schmidt (Alphabet) and professor Hans Rosling (most viewed TED speaker of all time). Jim is an experienced presenter who understands the passion and perils required on stage. Learn how to deliver engaging presentations no matter the size of the audience you’re addressing…

    Even if you are confident, don’t just wing it. Yes, it’s okay to improvise, in fact I encourage it. But do prepare your take-away message and learn it by heart.

  • Christian Lindemann

    Showman, Speaker, Trainer

    Christian Lindemann dreamed of show business. He dedicated himself to his art and became Cirque du Soleil’s only German-speaking headline act; The King of Pickpockets. In the process, he understood how to tell stories that really connect with his audiences and capture their imagination. Learn how to present with performance and personality and earn your own standing ovation…

    “Every presentation is a show. You must create an experience that will live long in the memory.”

  • Diane Taieb

    Startups Mentor, Trainer, TEDX Speaker

    Diane Taieb is passionate about building the next generation of entrepreneurs. In 2014, she created the startup accelerator of Schoolab, mentoring over 200 young entrepreneurs. She realised that being able to engage and inspire is crucial to bringing ideas to life. Learn how to develop the best version of yourself as a presenter…

    Dare to be yourself. People will remember you if they feel that you are genuine. Don’t try to copy someone else, or mimic the way they talk, or build their sentences. Develop the best version of YOURSELF as a speaker.