Setup & Configuration

Rally or Rally Plus

For Google Meet

2. Setup & Configuration

1. Connect Tap, Rally or Rally Plus and Meet Compute System with the supplied cables.

Connection diagram for Tap, MeetUp and Meet Compute System

*Refer to your TAP installation guide for connections

2. For easier typing, you can connect a USB keyboard. If no keyboard is connected, a virtual keyboard will display on Tap.

Diagram of connecting keyboard and mouse to Meet Compute System

3. Turn on the Meet Compute System and wait for Tap to display the user interface (approximately 60 seconds). Review the language and timezone and change if necessary.

Turning on the Meet Compute System

4. Follow the prompts to complete the enrollment steps. For detailed instructions, refer to Google’s documentation.

5. When prompted to set up your Meet devices, select Logitech Rally Plus for both Camera and Audio

6. If you connected a keyboard or mouse, you can disconnect them now.

Diagram of disconnecting keyboard and mouse to Meet Compute System

7. Setup is complete!