Design Collection Limited Edition Wireless Mouse

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Design Collection Limited Edition Wireless Mouse

Comfy & compact mice with mood-boosting designs

Specs & Details


  • Height: 3.74 in (95 mm)
  • Width: 2.17 in (55 mm)
  • Depth: 1.50 in (38 mm)
  • Weight (with batteries): 2.96 oz (84 g)

Technical Specifications

Sensor technology: Logitech Smooth Optical Tracking
Sensor resolution: 1000 dpi
Number of buttons: 3
Unifying ready mouse: Yes
Unifying ready receiver: Yes Except for Forest Floral or Rose Splash.
Battery life: 12 months
Battery type: 1 AA
Wireless operating distance: 10 m (33ft)
Wireless technology: Logitech Advanced 2.4GHz USB Unifying wireless connectivity Forest Floral and Rose Splash mice have a standard USB receiver.
  • Forest Floral plastics: 54% post-consumer recycled material
  • Blue Aurora plastics: 54% post-consumer recycled material
  • Golden Garden plastics: 54% post-consumer recycled material
  • Pow plastics: 54% post-consumer recycled material
  • Rose Splash plastics: 22% post-consumer recycled material
  • Chirpy Bird plastics: 22% post-consumer recycled material
  • Positive Vibes plastics: 22% post-consumer recycled material
  • *Excludes receiver and printed wiring assembly (PWA)

Warranty Information

1-Year Limited Hardware Warranty

Part Number

  • FOREST FLORAL Standard USB Receiver: 910-005756
  • CHIRPY BIRD Unifying Technology USB Receiver: 910-006114
  • GOLDEN GARDEN Unifying Technology USB Receiver: 910-006117
  • BLUE AURORA Unifying Technology USB Receiver: 910-006118
  • ROSE SPLASH Unifying Technology USB Receiver: 910-006121
  • POW Unifying Technology USB Receiver: 910-006122
  • POSITIVE VIBES Unifying Technology USB Receiver: 910-006123

System Requirements

USB connection

In the Box

What’s in the box
  • Wireless Mouse
  • Nano Unifying Receiver (Not available on Forest Floral and Rose Splash mouse)
  • 1 AA battery (pre-installed)
  • User documentation


Find all the documentation we have available to get this product up and running quickly. 


Small, comfortable, super responsive, and completely wireless. The compact size is perfect for tight workspaces and anyone  with smaller hands—even kids. Click at your desk, at home—or on the go—for a whole year with one pre-installed battery.

Blue Camo swatch
Urban Grey swatch
Urban Lagoon swatch
Urban Sunset Swatch
Himalayan Fern swatch
Forest Floral swatch
Forest Floral swatch



There’s a Design Collection mouse for every style and workspace. Give your mood (and your setup) a boost with a creative splash of bright color.



Get hours of comfort at your desk or on-the-go—thanks to the sculpted design and smooth rubber side grips. Lightweight and portable, it’s easy to throw in your bag or carry to your next meeting. The compact design is a perfect fit for kids or anyone with smaller hands, making it a great option for homeschooling.



Navigate more easily with a controlled line-by-line scrolling experience. No more annoying missed clicks—the optical sensor allows you to track with smooth and accurate cursor control on almost any surface.



10 meters (33 feet)Wireless range may vary based on user, environmental and computing conditions. of wireless freedom—because cute style loves a wire-free desk or a flexible on-the-go workspace. Easy plug-and-play means you can just plug in the USB receiver and get started in seconds. This mouse is compatible with Windows®, macOS®, and Linux®.Customization of the buttons via Logitech Options is not possible on Linux. And it’s a certified Works with ChromebookThis product has been certified to meet Google's compatibility standards. Google is not responsible for the operation of this product or its compliance with safety requirements. Chromebook and the "Works With Chromebook" badge are trademarks of Google LLC. product.

Unifying Receiver


Six compatible devices, one USB receiver. Logitech Unifying technology lets you add a keyboard, or any other compatible device to the included USB receiver for a perfect wire-free setup. Forest Floral and Rose Splash color mice do not have this Unifying Technology.

10m wifi
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The plastic parts in the Design Collection Wireless Mice include certified post-consumer recycled plastic — 54% for Forest Floral, Blue Aurora, Pow, and Golden Garden, and 22% for Rose Splash, Chirpy Bird and Positive VibesExcludes receiver and printed wiring assembly (PWA) — to give a second life to end-of-life plastic from old consumer electronics and help reduce our carbon footprint

“With incredibly fast response time and many designs to choose from  your Middle and High School students will love it!”



“Mouse is Lila’s favorite school accessory. It’s small and portable, so she can take it with her from room to room, plus the design keeps her happy and upbeat. @logitech offers a variety of mouse styles to suit any mood or workspace!⁣”


“These days we are literally having school anywhere we can. From the office, to the kid’s bedrooms to the dining room the wireless design of the @logitech #M317 Mouse makes it so that my kids can learn and complete classwork from virtually anywhere! The best part? There are colors to please me, my high-schooler and my second grader. Now that’s a win-win!”


She said the grooves where you place your fingers are the best part. She has been using the #M317 Blue Blush wireless mouse from @logitech. It is perfect for her as well as middle schoolers and high schoolers! It is small and compact and very responsive which she loves.”


“The @logitech M317 mouse is perfect for your middle schooler and high schoolers! It is small, portable, super responsive, and completely wireless. There is a mouse design for every mood, style, and workspace! I showed Tristan the option and he picked the design he liked most.