Logitech Trade-In Program

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Which products are eligible?

If you are a business customer, you can return any brand of video-conferencing equipment and computer peripherals. For a full list of eligible product categories, please check the List of Eligible Devices below.

We look for every opportunity to give your devices a second-life. If your device can be reused, you will receive the value back after uploading proof of purchase of new Logitech devices. And if reuse is not possible, your devices will be recycled for free.

List of Eligible Devices:

Video conference cameras
Video collaboration systems

For consumer devices, please visit our consumer take-back program page here.

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We want to make the trade-in process as simple as possible. Click here to enter the trade-in portal where you can provide information on the type of devices you wish to trade-in, their condition and quantity. Our recovery partner will review the information you submit and send you a quote within 1-2 business days to let you know what can be recovered or recycled. Once you accept the quote, packaging instructions and pre-paid shipping labels will be provided.


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Why should I use thIS program?

Electronic waste is one of the fastest growing waste streams in the world. Many electronic devices end up in landfill and contain valuable components, parts and materials.

Our ambition is to empower customers with simple and convenient ways to reduce waste and extend the traditional life-span of devices, components and materials.

As an added benefit, if our trade-in partner can reuse your device, you will receive a financial reward for your efforts, based on the fair market value of the used device. And if reuse is not possible, our partner will ensure the device is responsibly recycled for you, free of charge.

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"reuse" and "recyclE" - WHAT'S THE DIFFERENCE?

By "reuse" we mean reuse of the product, as a whole. In contrast, obsolete, non-functional, or zero-value devices cannot be reused. Those devices will be sent for recycling so that materials can be recovered by recyclers, where possible, and landfilling can be avoided.


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