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Endless possibilities
Walls. Windows. Wired or Wire-Free. Circle 2 security camera can go just about anywhere.

Circle 2 Accessories

Circle 2 lets you put your camera in even more places.

Circle 2 Window Mount

See more of what's happening outside from the inside. Simply put the Window Mount on the security camera and place it on any window pane. It's honestly that simple.

Window Mount works with Circle 2 Wired and Wire-Free (NOTE: This is a wired mount. Wire-Free will operate as Wired when using this mount).


Circle 2 Rechargeable Battery

Additional battery so you can swap out Circle 2 Wire-Free's battery quickly while the other is charging.

Rechargeable Battery works with Circle 2 Wire-Free.


Circle 2 Plug Mount

Watch over your home from any wall outlet - in the kitchen, the garage, even down low to see your pet. It's a simple, low profile way to plug and play (literally).

Plug Mount works with Circle 2 Wired and Wire-Free.


Circle 2 Weatherproof Extension

Additional Weatherproof Extension (~15-feet) lets your Circle 2 Wired Camera reach even further.

Weatherproof Extension works with Circle 2 Wired.


CIRCLE 2 COMBO PACK: 2 Wired Cameras + 1 Window Mount

Watch over more of home with 2 Wired Cameras, plus a Window Mount so you can see what's happening outside, from the inside.


CIRCLE 2 COMBO PACK: 2 Wire-Free Cameras + 1 Rechargeable Battery

Secure your home without any cables with 2 Wire-Free Cameras, plus an extra Rechargeable Battery.


CIRCLE 2 MULTI-PACK: 2 Wire-Free Cameras + 1 Wired Camera

Keep your entire home safe with 2 Wire-Free Cameras and 1 Wired Camera, both work indoors and out.


Accessory Feedback

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Circle 2

Home Security Camera

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