Full-Size Laptop Keyboard Mouse Combo for Mac

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Ultimate Performance


Coders, Data Scientists, Finance & Business Professionals

Why This Solution

Work for hours on a low profile, laptop-like keyboard with spherically dished keys crafted for the shape of your fingertips, minimizing the chances of a mistype – and feature Mac-only laser key printing. Experience ultimate productivity with a num-pad, a full row of customizable Fn-keys, and MX Keys for Mac – a full-sized keyboard compatible with your Apple devices – paired with the customizability and ergonomic form factor of MX Master 3S for Mac and the sharp Ultra HD 4k MX Brio video. 

Having a full-size setup prepares you for any tasks that your day might throw at you.

MX Keys Keyboard for Mac

MX Keys for Mac

Introducing MX Keys for Mac – designed to work seamlessly on your Mac and iPad. Finished in Space Gray, MX Keys for Mac is crafted for efficiency, stability, and precision – with backlit keys that adjust to changing lighting conditions.

MX Master 3S Mouse for Mac

MX Master 3S for Mac

Meet MX Master 3S for Mac – an iconic mouse remastered. Compatible with macOS, and iPadOS and seamlessly integrated into the Apple ecosystem for performance, with Mac-inspired colors, Quiet Clicks, and an 8K DPI track-on-glass sensor.

MX Brio Webcam

MX Brio

Master your presentations with MX Brio’s sharp ultra HD 4k resolution video and AI enhancements, a Logi-designed lens, 70% bigger pixelsWhen compared to Brio 4k webcam, and our largest webcam sensor yet.

Find Your MX Setup

Unleash your potential with a combination of MX solutions that work best for you. Whether you're dedicated to building your most productive setup, are a creative professional, are always on the go, or are mindful of your physical wellbeing.

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Ideal for: Coders, Data Scientists, Finance & Business Professionals


Ideal for: Graphic Designers, 3D Artists, Video Editors


Ideal for: Productivity on small or temporary setups, Light travel


Ideal for: Health-conscious advanced creators